About Us

Our club objectives are: About 1

  •   To promote and encourage the study, collecting, cutting and polishing of gemstones, minerals, rocks and other geological materials as a hobby in the Cowichan Valley;
  •   To provide resources for those interested in rocks, gems and About 2associated crafts; and
  •   To encourage the exploration of local areas for lapidary materials and conduct field trips to study and collect local rocks.

The Cowichan Valley Rockhounds is one of six rockhound clubs on Vancouver Island About 3within the B.C. Lapidary Society (BCLS) ( http://www.bclapidary.com ) which is the umbrella society for all the rockhounding clubs in B.C. Within the BCLS, clubs are grouped into ‘zones’ and the clubs on the island comprise the ‘Vancouver Island Zone’. The BCLS is a member of the Gem and Mineral Federation of Canada (GMFC) that offers scholarships and provides liability insurance for member clubs. So membership in the Cowichan Valley Rockhounds (CVR) also makes you a member of BCLS, the Vancouver Island Zone and GMFC

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